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About Me

My name is Rebecca and I am originally from the Northeastern part of the United States of America (New England). I have a bachelor's degree in Religion with a minor in German.

In 2001, I studied for and received my Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (C.T.E.F.L.) with a grade of "Pass A" and my International Certification to teach English as a Foreign Language.

Since 2001, I have worked in many educational settings including bi-lingual schools from the primary school level to high school as well as various language institutes. In 2011, I began teaching full-time via Skype. Giving online classes is a great experience because it allows me to meet many interesting people from all parts of the world. I enjoy seeing my students improve their English language skills.

I currently live in the mountains in southern Mexico with my bi-cultural family. In my free time I enjoy reading and learning about new things. My interests are wide and I enjoy discussing many different subjects with my students. I also enjoy traveling and seeing and learning about new places, cultures, and especially cuisines!